The TESLA project ran from 1st  January  2019 to 30th June 2023. Summary results can be found at https://cordis.europa.eu/article/id/447367-european-training-network-advances-technology-for-satellite-applications

Below is information on the aims of the project.

The TESLA project will create vibrant, multidisciplinary training-through-research environment uniquely equipped to develop the Advanced Technologies for future European Satellite Applications. We will recruit, train and supervise 15 ESRs, who will collaborate with senior staff in academic and industrial sectors to conduct top-notch research into new and enabling technologies for satellite flexible payloads, big constellation systems and Internet of Space, satellite high-speed communications and remote sensing, as well as large satellite platforms. 

The project aim is to provide all network ESRs with broad training in transferable skills to enhance career perspectives in both the academic and non-academic sectors, ensure that all network ESRs have the opportunity to complete a full PhD degree program, enhance the European space economy and business through the provision of highly skilled and mobile researchers, and to expose young researchers in extensive public engagement and outreach activities for wider economic and social impact. 

Space is a key asset for Europe

To respond to global challenges Europe must continue to have a prominent role in space at a time when other world powers are rapidly developing their space capabilities.
Prof J Hong

Our Early Stage Researchers will benefit from access to supervisors  who are dedicated to scientific excellence and innovation. The TESLA network will bring together world class research institutes and scientific sectors to provide a first-class experience for our PhD students.

Our Early Stage Researchers will have access to world class industrial partners who will encourage them to step outside academia and develop skills in the industrial world.

Tesla network tv

TESLA will be uploading many different videos showcasing our research. This month we have a tour of the Heriot-Watt Campus, Edinburgh! Keep checking back for new uploads……

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Our news and events

TESLA participants take an active role in promoting the project to a wide audience and our researchers actively engage in Outreach activities. TESLA has a varied programme of scientific talks that aim to highlight our research and encourage collaboration across the wider network.


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