Yifang’s secondment at TESAT

Yifang Wei (ESR1) started the first secondment of the project at beginning of October. In this article he talks about his time at TESAT in Backnang, Germany.

“My two-month secondment at TESAT in Backnang, Germany has been very useful to start the project.

It has been a very good learning experience for me and I am getting to know more about challenges and possible problems during the design process. I have been here for over a month and have rented an apartment in a small town which is 20 minutes by train from the company.

I started working on a company project of high frequency phase shifters with two colleagues. They are very friendly and share a lot of helpful advice with me when working as part of the team. My industry supervisor has had many in-depth talks with me as part of my three-year PhD program plan in the field of Beamforming Network and we have discussed the detailed requirements.

It has been a great opportunity and I have been enjoying the experience of working in a company. In addition, I’m very happy to get to know my industry supervisor and other staff in the company. I enjoy chatting and talking with them and asking questions face to face. I think it has been a very efficient way to start the project.” Yifang Wei, ESR1