8 of the  TESLA Early Stage Researchers have been awarded PhDs by June 23 – CONGRATULATIONS . 6 more are on track to complete their PhDs in the next year. These researchers have completed 34 secondments at 9 companies / research institutes and at 5 TESLA beneficiaries and all have received a comprehensive training programme covering both technical and soft skills. To date 27 articles have been published in journals with other journal articles in the pipeline. There have been 30 publications in conference proceedings/ workshops.  TESLA has collaborated  widely with industry, with other EU projects, ESA funded project and 3 patent applications have been made. The TESLA research has not only been shared with an academic audience but also with a wide public audience through family workshops, open days, radio interviews, a play , social media posts and general news articles.

PhD presentations at UPNA
Abdul Rehman with Professor Tomassoni after Abdul's PhD presentation

Best Student Microwave Paper Award

ESR 9 , Armin Karimi, studying at  KTH Royal Institute of Technology won the Best Student Microwave Paper Award at the Swedish Microwave Day 2023 with the paper titled Silicon Micromachined THz Radar Frontend

Launch of the Spanish Space Agency

February 23, the Microwave Components Group at the Public University of Navarre (UPNA) supported the candidacy of the city of Estella as the headquarters of the Spanish Space Agency. Being amongst the largest European space economies, Spain didn’t have its own Space Agency until recently, when this anomaly has been solved.

The Spanish astronaut Pedro Duque also attended the event along with regional government authorities. The event consisted of a set of short presentations from the different space actors in Navarra (among them and, prominently, UPNA and its Microwave Components Group) and a showroom where Prof. Laso presented prototypes from the Microwave Components Group, including TESLA students’ latest results. Link in Spanish  http://www.unavarra.es/research-institutes/tablon+de+anuncios?contentId=273677

Doctoral Examination of Luke Robins

On Monday, February 13, 2023, the doctoral examination of Luke Robins took place at the Institute of Microwave and Photonic Engineering (IHF) at Graz University of Technology (TU Graz). According to the regulations of TU Graz, this final examination in the doctoral studies consisted of two parts, a presentation by Luke Robins on his doctoral thesis entitled: “Additive manufacturing of ceramic-based dielectrics for resonators, waveguides, and RF filters” and an oral examination on the subject area of the thesis by the board of examiners. The doctoral examination was followed by an overall assessment which revealed that Luke Robins passed with distinction and obtained the degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences – Congratulations! 

Read more

Luke Robins is presenting his doctoral thesis
The moment when the Dean of Studies (on the right) announced the overall result

Student Paper Competition IEEE Radio & wireless week


Congratulations to Chad Bartlett, TESLA Early Stage researcher from Kiel University (CAU), who came  first place in the student paper competition held as part of the 2023 IEEE Radio and Wireless Symposium held in Las Vegas in January 2 for the paper :

 C. Bartlett and M. Höft, The Anglet: An E/H-plane Bent, 90-Degree Twisted, TE101/TM110-Mode Singlet Building Block.

As a winner, Chad can now  submit an article into the IEEE microwave magazine.

Innovation Triangle Initiative

The aim of the Innovation Triangle Initiative was to train the TESLA Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) in creative problem solving and innovative thinking, expose all ESRs to industry driven R&D processes through action learning, and find innovative solutions to R&D challenges within the network. As part of this initiative, each ESR highlighted any progress with further exploitation of their research work ( eg patents, industry collaboration, potential for future commercialisation etc). These highlights were assessed  by Professor Laso and 6 ESRS were shortlisted  for the highest technology transfer potential. From these , ESR 6 – Chad Bartlett  from Kiel University (CAU) was awarded the  prize for the most successful TESLA triangle – CONGRATULATIONS Chad.  Innovation triangle shortlisted summary reports


TESLA ESR 10 Secondment To CAU

Luke Robins (ESR10) completed his third secondment of the project in early 2022  working with Chad Bartlett (ESR6) and Abdulrahman Widaa (ESR7) .  Read more


Together with IEEE MTT/AP Spain Chapter, TESLA hosted Prof. Raafat Mansour from University of Waterloo, Canada to give a Distinguished Microwave Lecturer talk on “MULTI-FUNCTION MULTI-BAND RECONFIGURABLE HIGH-Q FILTERS”. In his presentation, Prof. Mansour addressed existing tuning technologies, providing a comparison between piezoelectric, Semiconductor, MEMS and PCM tuning elements in terms of linearity, insertion loss, suitability for use at millimeter-wave frequencies and ease of integration with high-Q filters.

IMS conference Denver June 22

The TESLA project  showcased some project results at the IMS conference in Denver. There was a booth displaying information on the project . More information on the TESLA booth can be found under outreach.

CAU University Open Day 28th June 22

On the 28th June 22,an open day took place at the Faculty of Engineering of CAU to encourage German school kids to study Engineering https://www.uni-kiel.de/de/detailansicht/news/096-tf-tag. About 250 kids took  the opportunity to visit the labs .The chair of microwave engineering  also highlighted the aims of the TESLA project. Approximately 15 students took part in a filter tuning event run by TESLA representatives  . 

Non-destructive testing

Chest X-ray (https://medlineplus.gov/xrays.html)
How technologies such as X-ray allow the testing of components without the need to break them in the process and why this is especially important in aerospace - Luke Robins & Arash Arsanjani, Ph.D. Fellow/ Early-Stage Researcher (TESLA project H2020-MSCA-ITN) at the Institute of Microwave and Photonic Engineering (IHF), Graz University of Technology....... Read more

International Microwave Filter Workshop Perugia Nov 21

Enrique Lopez Oliver (UNIPG) and El Mehdi Messaoudi  (UPV) receiving 2nd best student paper and 2nd best paper of IMFW  held in Perugia Nov 21.

Interview by Chad Bartlett

Interview by Chad Bartlett, an early stage research working on the TESLA project and based at Kiel University, in Electronic Letters titled ‘The upcoming challenges posed by fields such as automotive radar, constellation communication, and deepspace exploration will require bold new methods’. Read full interview at https://ietresearch.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1049/ell2.12137

Updates on EO!

The Microwave Components Group at the Public University of Navarre (UPNA) would like to share with us a video teaser for the production and a flier both of which have lots of exciting information about this unique professional theatrical show.... Read more

Launching the Innovation Triangles Initiative

The formation of the Innovation Triangles took place on June 2nd-4th 2020 during an online event organized by the Microwave Components Group at UPNA. This 3-day event consisted in a specific training on corporate innovation and the kick-off of the triangles. Read more

Destination Space

The Destination Space event took place at the museum in Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh. Florian Vidal and Thomas Strober (REVOLVE Fellows) joined Yifang Wei (TESLA Fellow) to showcase our research. Read more


The Microwave Components Group at the Public University of Navarre (UPNA) would like to share the news about their involvement in a very exciting professional production called ‘EO!’! Members of the research group have been acting as scientific advisors to this unique theatrical show....  Read more

TESLA ESR Representative

Luke Robins, TESLA Fellow, represents the TESLA Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) in his role as ESR Representative for the Student-Supervisor-Liaison Committee (SSLC)  Read more

TESLA ESR Induction

The TESLA Introduction to Training event for our new ESRs took place on Monday 30th September in Paris, France. The event was held in Paris to coincide with European Microwaves Week (EuMW) and provided the Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) with the opportunity to visit the large industrial exhibition and attend some relevant technical sessions as part of their active training  Read more

TESLA Secondment ESR 11 to Joanneum Research

Arash Arsanjani(ESR11) completed his first secondment of the project between July and August 2020 at JOANNEUM RESEARCH MATERIALS: Institute for Surface Technologies and Photonics. This article provides a short update of his experience.  Read more

TESLA Secondment ESR 10 to LITHOZ

Luke Robins (ESR10) completed his first secondment of the project between September and October 2020. This article provides a short update of his experience with Lithoz in Vienna, Austria. Read more


TESLA Secondment ESR 1 to TESAT

Yifang Wei (ESR1) started the first secondment of the project at beginning of October 19. In this article he talks about his time at TESAT in Backnang, Germany.  Read more

Welcome to the World of Work!

The Project Manager was invited to Currie Community High School to participate in the Year 3 event, ‘Welcome to the World of Work!

MTT-Sat Challenge

IEEE MTT-Sat Challenge

The MTT-Sat Challenge is a worldwide competition for teams of undergraduate and graduate students to design and build radio frequency (RF) and microwave hardware for small satellites. The most promising designs will undergo space environmental qualification testing and will be incorporated in a cubesat, which will be launched into orbit (in case MTT-Sat Challenge secures enough funding and a participation in cubesat projects).
The TESLA network are delighted to hear about this exciting initiative and hope to take part and contribute ideas.

TESLA Logo Awards

TESLA Logo Awards

On Saturday 5th May there was a ceremony for the TESLA logo contest. The ceremony was organized at the High School ITTS A. Volta. and was also attended by the students' parents. Read more

Spanish LC Team

Lego League

The Spanish LCTeam won the Gracious Professionalism award at the Spanish First Lego League Championship celebrated in Tenerife, Canary Islands, last March 23rd and 24th!. Congratulations to the Spanish LCTeam! Read more

Kick Off Meeting

The TESLA-Kick-Off meeting took place at Heriot-Watt University (HWU) on Thursday 28thFebruary 2019. The meeting was an opportunity for members of the TMG to present their ideas and their vision for the project. Read more

TESLA Logo Competition

Participants in the TESLA Logo Contest!

Students from the Instituto Tecnico Tecnologico Statale (ITIS) "Alessandro Volta" of Perugia took part in an exciting competition to design a logo for the TESLA project.  The competition was organised by Prof. Fabrizio Capaccioni and Prof. Raffaela FranchiniRead more

First Lego League

First Lego League

This year’s First Lego League challenge was INTO ORBIT. The students’ project assignment for the INTO ORBIT season was to identify a physical or social problem faced by humans during long duration space exploration within our Sun’s solar system and propose a solution. Students were supervised by Professor Miguel A. G. Laso, from the Microwave Components Group at UPNA, one of TESLA’s partners.  Read more 

Satellite Pro

Prof. Miguel Laso’s article, ‘Shaping the Future of RF/Microwave Components’ has been published in this month’s edition of Satellite Pro Magazine! Read more