Luke’s secondment at Lithoz

Luke Robins (ESR10) completed his first secondment of the project between September and October 2020. This article provides a short update of his experience with Lithoz in Vienna, Austria.

“The current Corona pandemic has made it challenging to plan any trips or secondments. I was very fortunate to find a window between September and October without lockdown or restrictions, to finally spend some time working directly at Lithoz. I was also able to spend my free time exploring some of Vienna which made the stay even better!

Once I had completed some basic training and an induction on the materials, printers and process used I was given the freedom to experiment and come to grips with the potential and boundaries of the technology. This hands-on experience is invaluable for me to make sure my designs end up being realizable and make the most of the technology, rather than heading down a path not suited to the technology.

I was able to manufacture various prototypes allowing us to test different areas of interest. At each stage if I had questions or needed input, the experts at Lithoz made time to review and give advice. As a PHD student it was amazing to be involved with an industry leading company, which grew out of PHD projects and has given me a goal to work towards in my future.

The knowledge gained during the secondment will feed directly into my design work and the research being conducted. I was also able to leave with multiple samples for testing and demonstration. I look forward to my next time working with Lithoz in the future and know they will assist me in making my project a success” Luke Robins, ESR10