ESR12: Abdul Rehman

In my opinion, TESLA project is one of the well-organized platform for doctoral students. I was looking for an opportunity where multidisciplinary training at Ph.D level is involved. TESLA project and its multidisciplinary training at Ph.D level gives me an opportunity, to enhance my professional abilities and become a better researcher in the field of RF and microwave Engineering. Surely, this will help me to establish my career as a good researcher.

Abdul Rehman, Early Stage Researcher

Abdul Rehman was born in Islamabad, Pakistan. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in 2013 from Muhammad Ali Jinnah University, Islamabad Pakistan. He joined COMSATS University Islamabad in 2014 as a Research associate, where he gained knowledge in the field of RF and microwave engineering and was involved in the designing of different passive components including filers and antennas. He went to South Korea for Master’s studies in 2016 and completed his degree from Incheon National University in August 2018, where his research included the study and designing of filters and multiplexers. In March 2020, he started his Ph.D degree at University of Perugia, Italy as an early stage researcher of the TESLA network. 

The project of Abdul’s PhD degree is “High performance miniaturized components for aerospace applications”. This project will focus on the study and designing of RF and microwave miniaturized components such as filters, diplexers and antennas for space applications. Different technologies will be considered, such as Waveguides and Substrate Integrated Waveguides (SIW) etc.

Abdul’s Primary Supervsior is Prof. Cristiano Tomassoni, Università degli Studi di Perugia (UNIPG)