WP3: Enabling technologies for high-speed communications and remote sensing

Lead Beneficiary: CAU
Duration: M1-M48


  • Developing new concepts and implementations of low-loss millimetre/submillimetre-wave guided-wave structures.
  • Developing design concepts for communication satellite and space-born remote sensing components, suitable for implementation by micromachining technology.
  • Developing new designs of components and systems for high data-rate links between satellites and instruments on board Earth Observation satellites (radiometers, altimeters, and radars) at submillimetre waves, suitable to be manufactured by deep reactive ion-etching (DRIE).
  • Assessing and designing fabrication process flows for manufacturing millimetre-wave and submillimetre-wave devices.
  • Fabricating and measurement of prototypes at millimetre-wave and submillimetre-wave frequencies.